New Flux OS 2 is out now.

More functions, faster and cleaner.

Updated and better

New UI from Flux 2

Its similar to Flux OS 1, but its just a lot better. It looks more flat, works faster and there are a lot of new controls and effects. Most of the controls are all updated and are now better looking. But when you change the controls, you also need to change the apps. Most of the apps were updated and work more efficiently and faster now. This is the main reason why this is Flux OS 2 and not Flux OS 1.v.

Flux Account

When using Flux OS you'll need to sign in with your own Flux Account that saves your personalisations online. When using another device you can now easily implement your settings of your first device. Read further below for more functions of the Flux Account.

Developer update?

This new update can also be called the Developer Update. There is a system for developers so they can make their own apps and publish them to the Flux Store. Everything in Flux OS needs help to be developed. Even if you are not a developer you can help develop Flux OS by giving feedback about what you really like and what not.

New in Flux 2:

Connected with the world.

Flux 2 comes with a contacts system.


All users have their own account in the new Flux OS. This makes it possible to make better contacts with other people. (And this makes it also easier for developers to find each other and work together.) You can efficiently share your profile with other people. We're also working on an app for chatting with each other. But mainly we want to implement as many already existing system as possible (Like messenger, ...).

Develop your own apps.

With App Developer.

App Developer

The App Developer is a SDK for making apps for Flux OS. Its similar to Visual Studio. Yet, its not 100% working but you're able to make some simple applications for Flux. In the future it will be posible to also make apps for Flux OS in Visual Studio while running Flux OS.

Flux Store

Developers can publish there apps to the store,
where other users can download them.

Flux Store

When a developer finishes his/hers app, it can be published to the store. Other users can download them so they have a better Flux experience. Flux needs more developers to make it better so all help is welcome. All developers will be listed as collaborators form Flux OS.

Made for you.

Everything automatically translates itself to your own language.


Flux OS automatically translates all predefined words and sentences on the run to your own language. (At this moment there are 3 additional languages supported: Dutch, French and Polish.) However, not all translations have been insert yet so users are able to give suggestions for translations and help developing the translations from Flux. If you send a request we can also add a new language to the system but you'll need to help give suggestions for correct translations.

Download now

And give feedback about what you think of Flux 2.

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